Who's behind the designs

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I am a dedicated wife and a stay at home mom of two; Nicholas 3 and Mariah 1. My company came to life from a love of baking and a desire for a creative outlet. I was inspired by the cake designers on television and my love of the simplicity and convenience of cupcakes. When I found a cupcake book at a literature festival I was sold and Crumbs Custom Cupcakes was born.

My cupcakes are baked fresh to order and are never frozen. They are generously portioned to offer you the most for your money. I take pride in offering quality ingredients and breath taking designs to make your occasion truly unique. From special events to birthdays and weddings, I can add a beautiful centerpiece to compliment any event.

My decorations are handmade and are individual to each order. You will not find any plastic rings with logos here. I primarily use melting chocolate in my designs, unless the cupcakes will be on display. Plain cupcakes will keep at room temperature for a few hours, but the melting chocolate designs need refrigeration up until they are served.

Once you have selected your theme or colors, a variety of 3 to 4 designs usually looks nice. Creative freedom is always appreciated; however I am confident I can recreate a specific request as well.